Shot/ Coloured by Jack Hawley

Audio by Taylor Lucas


Shot/ Coloured by Jack Hawley

Audio by Taylor Lucas


Shot by Jack Hawley

Edited by Andrew Friesen.


Shot/ Edited/ Coloured by Jack Hawley


Video by Jack Hawley & Taylor Lucas.

Special thanks to Meghan Pelley for the painting


Shot by Jack Hawley & Jamie Gagain

Edited by Jack Hawley


Shot, Edited and Directed by Jack Hawley.


Shot/ Coloured by Jack Hawley

Audio Recorded and Mixed by Taylor Lucas

Audio Mastered by Quinton Strutt


Shot and Directed by: Jack Hawley

Audio by: Taylor Lucas

Edited by: Jack Hawley and Taylor Lucas

watch me Load up my T70

Short video I made during a photoshoot for the band Oh Geronimo. This show was a send off for three of the founding members, so it was an emotional time for the band, friends and fans of the band.

I was bored so I made some tea.

Demo reel 2016. a collection of my best work from late 2015- summer 2016


Edited/ Coloured by Jack Hawley

Shot by Jamie Gagain, Jack Hawley, and Meghan Pelley.


This was a shooting and editing assignment for one of my classes. this was really my first time directing and it was pretty fun. I also DoP’d and Edited. I had a lot of fun making it! special thanks to: Tyson Fehr ( and Meghan Pelley for being in the video!! Music done by Alex Hindriks.

A short motion graphics commercial about the dangers of drinking and driving

I got to make this video for a pop quiz in my editing program. We could only use images found on the internet and what we could create inside of After Effects. This little comercial could've been longer but 5s was the projects max length. So this is what I made.


My first news story. My two classmates and I made for Fanshawe TV's variesty show focusing on student life. shot by myself and Jamie Gagain. Edited by myself, Jamie, and Jake Heise.